Control No Control

Control No Control is a large-scale interactive installation in the form of a minimalistic geometric structure. Created in 2011 in Montreal for Igloofest, it has since been presented over 35 times around the world. A large LED cube that is also a socio-digital experience of sorts reacts to everything that touches it and every movement performed on its surface. The work explores the relationship between participants and interactive installations and tests its own ability to intrinsically “instruct” and delegate the final audiovisual result to the audience that ends up gaining control of the piece.

Fort Lauderdale: Esplanade Park and Museum of Discovery & Science

As Water Falls

As Water Falls is a virtual interactive waterfall that aims to explore different aspects of water and its metaphorical concepts, highlighting our relationship with this precious element. A large-scale installation taking the form of a cascade, the piece reacts to mobile phone flashlights. Elements such as mirrors, actual water, and vibrating motors add to the immersive experience.

Dania Beach: Mad Arts

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